Nancy London

dear ones….

How do we shine our light during these unprecedented times? How do we live with our hearts open when the planet is on fire? How do we find the courage to open to the suffering of the world without turning to dissociation, addiction, denial?

I don’t have the answers, but I do have stories. Stories about grief and courage and what it takes to honor our shadow as well as our light. Stories about wounds of the body and soul. Stories about loss and redemption. Stories that have broken me open and stitched me back together again. Stories that offer the healing balm of love.

Meantime, I invite you to listen to Living Gently With Grief, a podcast I recorded with Dona Bumgarner on Nurturing Habitat. And if you’d like an automatic notice when I post a new blog, please subscribe on the right side of any page

It’s hard to hold steady; we wobble, we fall. But if we fall one hundred times, we rise up one hundred and one. Love never fails.

Be well. Be kind to each other.

with much love,



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