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Hello all….

I’ve launched this site as an opportunity for us to explore how to live with our hearts open, willing to shine our light during these unprecedented times. To explore the judgments that hold us back from shining, and to support each other as we dare to become who we are meant to be. It’s hard to hold steady; we wobble, we fall. But if we fall one hundred times, we rise up one hundred and one. Love never fails.

My blog will share stories from my decade as a hospice social worker, stories about the courage it takes to risk our vulnerability, about how to make room in our hearts for grief, and what it means to dance with our shadow as well as our light.

I lead workshops and small writing groups using prompts…the one sentence suggestions that open the floodgates of our untapped creativity. My blogs will often start with a prompt, and if you are interested in developing or continuing your writing practice, I encourage you to use them as your own writing tool. Set your timer for ten minutes, keep your hand writing, no editing, no critic allowed. If it seems like you’re straying off the topic, keep straying. That’s your uncensored mind and feelings having their say.

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Meantime, listen to Living Gently With Grief, a podcast I did with Dona Bumgarner on Nurturing Habitat.

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I believe

I believe God is love, and that the impulse of kindness towards others is God reaching out to God. I believe that to risk loving means facing our own imperfections, our shadow, and that to ask forgiveness is holy. Love is tougher than she appears, and can slip through a crack with gifts. She can stand up to anger and miscommunications as long … Continue reading I believe

deep dark falling

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