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It’s hard to see our own shadow. We live in a culture that values happiness at any cost, constantly bombarded by messages urging us to “be the light.”

But when the darker aspects of ourselves are banished to the basement of our awareness, they manifest as rebellion, anger, fear, sadness, depression, anxiety, compulsions and addictions. When we try to confine them, their power increases by being pressed down, and then they erupt in our lives with destructive, explosive force.

What if we make a place for these outcasts in our lives? What if we discover that by giving voice to our shadow, we open to greater depths of spontaneity, imagination and resourcefulness. To genius, competence, and our enormous power. To a feeling of finally coming home to ourselves.

This workshop for women explores our shadow through creative writing prompts in a safe, nurturing environment.

The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow. George R. R. Martin



A three-hour group for women from 9:30 to 12:30 Saturday mornings. This group focuses on unleashing our imagination and spontaneity using writing prompts and timed writing exercises.

Come be a part of a circle of women writing down to the bone about who we are, what we desire, what makes us shine. We explore how we nourish ourselves, how to make peace with our critic, how to find peace in a world in flames.

l supply writing prompts …the short phrases that kick start our creativity. This class is appropriate for beginner and seasoned writers, and is designed for personal exploration; no feedback or criticism, only deep listening and laughter. Class limited to twelve.

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Nancy’s calm presence and personal honesty create a safe circle of acceptance. Through her subtle guidance and inspired writing prompts, I found my own path to new understandings, uncovered parts of myself that had been hidden, and long after the workshop was over, I continue to have fresh insights.” R.G.S. Santa Cruz, CA