I am just back from spending six weeks with my daughter and her husband on their five acre organic farm in Northern Rivers, Australia. It's winter down under, and climate change has arrived. The days are already reaching 80 degrees, and the locals predict  summer temperatures of 110 degrees and hotter. The area is lush.... … Continue reading enough

I believe

I believe God is love, and that the impulse of kindness towards others is God reaching out to God. I believe that to risk loving means facing our own imperfections, our shadow, and that to ask forgiveness is holy. Love is tougher than she appears, and can slip through a crack with gifts. She can stand up to anger and miscommunications as long … Continue reading I believe


I have been grieving this past month. Here in Santa Fe, winter never arrived. It snowed twice and melted off the next morning. It never rained. It's spring now, the lilacs are budding, the daffodils are in bloom. But the earth is parched, drying out, and if you listen, you can hear her grieve. Government … Continue reading Listen