Choose Love

  This weekend I slipped into town to buy essentials: milk, bird seed, vitamins, and pick up a package at the post office. Everywhere... people driving, people standing in endless lines in overheated stores, patient, resigned. Displays weighted down with a land-fill worth of plastic poinsettias, ornaments and wreathes.The unmistakable holidays are approaching crowdfeel. It … Continue reading Choose Love

age matters

I turned 75 this August. I celebrated with Richard, my husband of 32 years, at Cliff River Springs, a Shangri-La of an oasis about 60 miles north of Santa Fe with a spring-fed pond deep enough to swim in, endless hiking trails, grazing deer,  fabulous yellow hummingbirds and 1200 acres of serenity. As a hospice worker I was always fascinated by … Continue reading age matters

On The Bus

  Back in the day when hippies ruled the world, there was a saying: You were either on the bus or off the bus. You either believed in the unseen presence of Spirit, benevolent creator of magic and synchronicity, or you consigned yourself to sit out the party in muggle-land. You either surrendered and let the flow take you, or … Continue reading On The Bus